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Are You in An Abusive Relationship

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Relationships are very important to us. We all are looking for healthy relationships, the relationships, which can make us happier. But unfortunately, there are many of us, who are not blessed with a dream life!

Abusive relationship is a tough word and it suggests something beyond what we normally feel about it. Only physical abuse or sexual abuse is not counted in order to decide if a relationship is abusive or not.


It covers a wide range of relationship traits from emotional preservation, jealousy, lack of understanding, rage, infidelity, sexual coercion, threats, verbal abuse, lies, false promises, to physical abuse, power plays, and domination.

Are You in An Abusive Relationship

Many of us do not register the fact that we are also subject to the same issue, probably because we do not know the periphery of an abusive relationship. If you find yourself in any of the aforementioned situations, you should know that you are into an abusive relationship. Do not let your self-esteem and confidence go so easily. Fight back your fears and answer.

Try to find out the main problem along with its root. Always try to avoid getting into the situation, which land you into such trouble. For example, if your partner gets angry because of your late nights, try to avoid them.

Try to overlook and ignore his comments. It is nature of abusers that they want to see your reactions, when they try to hurt your self-esteem by their remarks. Ignore the comments in order to retain your self-confidence and in-house peace.

Try to be fast enough to avoid the blows. If the abuser tries to hit you, be quick to run away from the venue as soon as possible. In you find yourself in an unmanageable situation; you should seek shelter in a secured place like police station or an NGO. Always keep 911 and other hotline numbers on your speed dial.

Always remember that you are not alone, who is a prey of an abusive relationship. Do not feel hesitated to share it with your near and dear ones. Choose someone, whom you trust and who can suggest you some effective measures.

Seek proper counseling or therapy. The counselor will assess your relationship and may also turn the table around. Your abuser may understand his/her faults. In many cases, these therapies help to a great extent.

After all the efforts and counseling, if you feel that the situation is not going to change at all, get out of it. Plan your actions. Find a secured place, where you can live without any threat or potential danger. Sneak into the place, when your abuser is not around you. The process may take a couple of days. Wait unless you are fully prepared for the break out.

Well, mental abuse is easier to handle compared to sexual and physical abuse. On the contrary, sexual and physical abuses can be easily seen and traced. What can you do to avoid mental abuse like emotional reservation, jealousy, lack of understanding, infidelity, verbal abuse, lies, false promises, and domination? Well, the mantra is same. Identify the abuse. Talk to your partner. Discuss with him/her where you find it uncomfortable. Your partner should reciprocate with compassion, if he/she does it unconsciously. But if not, I am afraid, you have to seek therapy to take a final decision.

There is no need to live in an abusive relationship. You can call it off the moment you will feel the problems are unbearable and impenetrable.

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