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12 kinds of Love

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Women and men have different demands when it comes to a romantic relationship.


Not understanding each other’s requirements in a relation often remains the major reason for breakups and divorces.


Hence, if you know the emotional needs of your partner you would have better chances to turn your relationship into a success.


Women need to receive


  • Caring: Women attach more value towards the emotional aspect of a relationship. Even the modern, independent women love the care and support of their male partners. Hence, women mostly fall for caring men.


  • Understanding: It is one of the most important factors of a successful relation. Women look for understanding in a relationship. So, lend her a caring and compassionate ear to hear her troubles.

12 kinds of Love
  • Respect: Don’t always try to have the upper hand in a relation. What woman demands most from her partner is respect. Respect in a relationship also means respecting each other’s space in the relation. This applies to both men and women alike. You should allow each other space and also enjoy with your respective friends. It is not necessary to be with each other all the time.


  • Devotion: Women pay most value to loyalty. If you are in a relationship try to remain honest with your partner. Women have a keen intuition to sense the wrong in you and you can’t get past them with dishonesty.


  • Validation: If you really care for her, don’t waste time in letting her know about it. Women hate irresolution and indecisiveness in a relationship. If you are not confident about the relation you better avoid getting too serious with her. Take time until you are sure about yourself.


  • Reassurance: Reassure your partner often. Women are emotional and tend to feel abundant easily. Also they are more serious about a relation than men.


Men need to receive


  • Trust: Men love to know that they are the only one in your life. If you are serious about him put your trust on him. He is more likely to live up to your expectation when you are not suspecting him in every occasion.


  • Acceptance: Accept him as he is. Men tend to have weird habits often but at the same time they don’t like to be criticized for that. Avoid criticizing him too often. Also, you mustn’t criticize him in public.


  • Appreciation: Men are naturally egoists. They love appreciation and admiration. Appreciate them for what they have done or achieved even if it is minor.


  • Admiration: Admire him for his talents and skills. If he is a sports freak then taking interest in his hobbies will bring him closer to you. If he is good at something don’t hesitate to show your admiration for him.


  • Approval: Men seek approval for what they do. Women are more decisive and men for that matter are most indecisive. Even when you know you have better choice on a matter let him have the first say.


  • Encouragement: Encourage him for what he has done or planning to do.

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