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Anniversary Traditions

Anniversaries are great times to recall about the day when you got married. It was then, that the journey of your life started with your soul mate. No body actually knows that who first started celebrating this beautiful day which went on to become a tradition. Anniversary traditions often depend on which marriage anniversary it is. You can celebrate your marriage anniversary in different styles, by following the tradition attached to it.

There may be several anniversary celebrations that you may be attending. But often it is difficult to decide, what to gift the couple. It may even be a problem when it's your own anniversary. Gifts are somewhat correlated with the anniversary tradition.

There are interesting facts which shows that 5th anniversary is called the Wooden, 10th the Tin, 15th the Crystal, 20th the China, 25th the Silver, 30th the Pearl, 40th the Ruby, 50th the Golden, and 60th the Diamond. These are not just names or titles for the anniversaries. These are the traditions which were widely followed in many places such as Germany, United Kingdom etc. The people used to gift items as per the relevance of the anniversary tradition.

04-01-2013 Anniversaries Traditions which are followed:

In modern world, tradition of celebrating an anniversary has a different meaning all together. One doesn't wait till the diamond anniversary to gift a diamond to his/her beloved partner. The anniversary tradition has a wider approach in this fast moving life. Some of the traditions which form a part of modern anniversary celebrations are:

  1. Anniversary Parties: Nowadays couples celebrate their anniversaries by throwing cocktail parties, beach parties, and exotic location parties and so on. Parties form an eternal part of anniversary traditions.
  2. Romantic Dinners: Dinner date with each other also forms a part of anniversary traditions, which is extensively followed by young couples for their anniversaries. Couples celebrate this amazing day with each other by dining at one of the best restaurants, hotels etc.
  3. Beautiful gifts: Gifts have always played a major role in anniversaries. It's just that, now gifts are not dependent on the relevance of the anniversary celebration. It is more dependent on the expense that one can handle. For example, there are expensive gifts such as a diamond pendant; a platinum ring with diamond etc that forms a part of traditional gifts may be on first wedding anniversary itself.
  4. Cake cutting: Cutting a cake is more of anniversary traditions which are followed extensively by the couples. Anniversary couples certainly cut a cake, to celebrate their big day.


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