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Wedding Anniversary Symbols

The anniversary symbols are something that has been hailed by people since the medieval period. There are accessories and materials that were used to mark the occasion every year.

The wedding anniversary symbols are more often similar to anniversary themes that people adopt to enhance the significance of the event. Anniversary symbols also make great anniversary gifts that you can give to the special couple. Traditionally the anniversary symbols were used for only decorative purpose or to show others the year of anniversary celebrations.

The symbols were the flags years of love, happiness, and togetherness in married life. But, in contemporary times, the anniversary symbols are used as cake toppings, wall hangings, and name plates on gifts.

Modern day work pressure and lifestyle leaves most couples with little time to celebrate the wedding bliss. Therefore, the anniversaries are milestone years of marriage that deserves a celebration. The symbolic anniversaries are mostly the 25th and 50th- the silver and golden jubilee years of marriage.

If you stop to think about the usage of anniversary symbols in contemporary times, you will come across very few instances. When expensive gift ideas have replaced simple ones, there is little hope that anyone will be interested in using anniversary symbols for the occasion. Of course you will not gift wood to someone who is celebrating his/her 5th wedding anniversary.

Gone are those days when a couple used to consider gifting anniversary symbols (at least one) to each other. The corresponding meanings of the anniversaries are well expressed through the anniversary symbols. Have you ever though why paper is the first year anniversary symbol?

It is because the interlocking fibres that make a paper symbolizes endurance and patience of the couple as they journey through their married lives. The popular anniversary symbols have been discussed below.  

Popular Anniversary Symbols


  1. Second year anniversary symbol- Cotton is the anniversary symbol for this anniversary that signifies prosperity and stability in life.
  2. Fifth year anniversary symbol- You can merge the traditional and contemporary aspects in the fifth year. Wood and the daisy symbolize love and romance. You can gift a cute wooden jewelry box with a ring inside to your wife.
  3. 20th anniversary symbols- You are very close to the silver jubilee years- 25th year. The 20th wedding anniversary symbols are traditional China and platinum ideas. The gifts can be anything that has a Chinese tinge. The gemstone emerald is another symbol that represents the preservation of love.
  4. 25th anniversary symbols- The 25th anniversary celebrations began in medieval Europe and were marked by the silver.
  5. 50th anniversary symbols- The most important and the much-awaited year of anniversary a landmark in itself. Gold is the celebrated symbol for the occasion.

To conclude, remember that gesture and creativity are symbolic while you prepare to celebrate either yours or someone else's anniversary. The various anniversary symbols only give a meaningful blend to the celebrations each year. Remember that the greatest symbol of any anniversary is love. The love that is expressed in the gifts makes the day worth.

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