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Anniversary Rose

Roses are the sweetest gift that one can receive with or without any occasion. Especially when it's your marriage anniversary, roses play a major role. These are the flowers which multi- task in your special day. Anniversary rose is a part of all decorations, on your marriage anniversary day.

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. Its fragrance is as attractive as the flower itself. What best than having this beautiful rose as a significant part in decorating your anniversary celebrations. Anniversary rose can add a fragrance to your special day.

Significance of an anniversary Rose

An anniversary rose can be chosen as per its color. As there are several colors of roses, it is a little difficult to choose the appropriate colors for your anniversary celebrations. But you need not worry, as there are a few colors which actually suit this occasion. Some of these roses include:

  1. Red Rose: Red is always the color of passion. A red anniversary rose is thus, one of the most relevant flowers for your occasion. You can gift red roses or decorate your surroundings. With the help of red roses you can feel the passion in your relationship.

  2. Pink Roses: Pink colored anniversary rose denotes love. When in love, pink or red roses are widely gifted. In your anniversary let the pink roses beautify your surroundings and spark off the love between you and your better half.

  3. Orange Roses: Orange roses denote the enthusiasm in love. Well, anniversary celebrations are the best time to show your enthusiasm in love by doing special things for each other. So, why not orange roses remain a part of your celebrations and spread the same message to everyone too.
  4. Purple Roses: Purple roses are means to express that you have fallen in love with your sweetheart. Declare this condition of your heart, stating how much you are in love with your partner, with the help of purple anniversary rose.

  5. Coral Rose: Coral Roses denotes the desire. It is the desire to be loved and cared for which every couple expects in a marriage. So, your anniversary celebrations should certainly have coral anniversary roses to convey this to each other.

These colored roses are not mere decorative pieces but says a lot of things too. Hence, anniversary rose can also be used to express your feelings to your sweetheart.

Anniversary roses can be used in several ways during your anniversary. Some of the ways are:

  1. Decorated in flower vases: These flowers can be decorated in a flower vase, either on the day or during the entire anniversary week. You can have different colored roses on different days.

  2. Gifts: You can gift a bouquet of say 100 roses or 50 roses on your marriage anniversary. It is one of the most romantic things to do on an anniversary. These roses may perish with time, but the memories of this romantic gesture of yours will never perish.
  3. Decorate the party hall: Your anniversary party location can be completely decorated with these theme roses. Rose decorations are one of the best decorations for an anniversary party.

  4. Decorate your bedroom for the anniversary night: Decorate your bedroom and the bed with petals of red roses. As red denotes passion, your anniversary night is sure to help you both get carried away to a romantic world.

With so much to do on your anniversary day with the help of an anniversary rose, you will have no dearth of ideas. So, make your special occasion even more special by using pretty and fragrant anniversary rose.

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