Anniversary Party Planning Ideas

The anniversary party planning is mandatory if you don't want things to go wrong on the special day. Sit with your spouse and plan out your anniversary the way you want it to be. A very unique occasion for any couple the anniversary becomes all the more momentous if it is a landmark anniversary like silver or golden wedding anniversary. You may take the help of your close friends and event planners if you think planning an anniversary if becoming a mammoth's task.

You must begin your planning days ahead of the event. Chalk out your plans first and then involve a professional to give it a final touch. Sit with your party planner to chalk out every big and small detail from before hand. Your participation is a must in order to give the party your personal touch. In order to avoid any type of confusion its better to delegate the work among small groups of close friends. The following points will help you plan your anniversary party better:

  1. Decide upon the size of the party first, like the number of guests you would be inviting. It may vary from a big event where you don't miss even a single acquaintance or just a small gathering with all your close friends and relatives.

  2. Chalk out the theme and add more fun to your anniversary party. You may pick up a color and ask all the guests to wear similar color clothes or you may go a little weird by choosing a theme of superhero for men and fairy or mermaid for women.

  3. Make a list of all the food and drinks that you want to serve during the party. Make sure you don't end up only listing the food that you love. There would be several guests whose taste would differ. So it's better to go for a wide selection of food and wine. Book your caterer in advance to make sure your food reaches on time before the party begins.

  1. Venue selection is the most important aspect of your anniversary party planning. You may go for the banquet hall of a five star hotel or choose from several lawns and rooftops of luxury resorts. Most of the hotels will also offer you services to decorate the place you have booked according to your taste and style.

  2. Once you are done with all these now its time to start sending invitation. The invitation cards or calls should reach every guest at least a week before, so that they can also make their own planning or cancel the ones that they have made earlier. You can send formal invitation cards or make your own theme invitation gifts like a coffee mug with a short and sweet message along with a photo of two of you pasted on it.

  3. Don't forget to invite the photographer and the videographer. They are the ones who will capture all the special, funny and romantic moments of the party and make it absolutely eternal for you.

Tips for Anniversary Party Planning

Anniversary Party Planning could be a fun thing only if a few basics are kept in mind. Remember to think ahead about managing a few key elements, and the rest will fall in place naturally. Here are the basic guidelines to organize a great wedding anniversary party.

  1. Fix a date, time & venue: The first step to host a party is to block the calendar and find a place to have fun. Check with your intended guests for their convenience. If you are hosting a party for someone, make sure that the couple celebrating their anniversary does not have anything else planned for that date. The venue should be chosen according to the scale of the party.

  2. Decide upon a theme: Decide if you want to have a theme to the party. For newlyweds, you could pick the color red and make the dcor based on it. A silver theme would perfectly define a 25th wedding anniversary party, while a 50th anniversary party could be woven around a theme of gold.

  3. Design the Invitations: Maintain the theme while designing the invitations. Mention properly the reason of the party, the date, time, venue, and theme (if any). In case there is any guide to dressing (black tie event, costume dress party etc), that should be clearly indicated.

  4. Send out the invitations: Invitations should be sent way in advance, say about two weeks. Remember to add RSVP so that you know your head count.

  5. Order food and drinks: First decide if you want to have the food outsourced or cook it yourself. This of course depends on the size of the party. Either way, the first step is to decide upon a menu. Try to know the number of guests attending before you order food and beverages to avoid wastage.

  6. Order the cake: Most anniversary parties would have a cake. Bakeries give umpteen choices (innovative and artistic ones too!) to order from. Or you could decide to bake a simple one of your own to add a personal touch.

  7. Plan the decorations: A party would seem incomplete as long as the stage is not set with party decors. A visit to any party store will make you go crazy with options. If you have decided upon a theme, stick to it.

  8. Plan some party games and favors: Party games are fun ways to entertain guests. As an added bonus, get some nicely packed favors for the participants. Remember, they don’t have to be expensive – it is the thought that counts.

  9. Music and dancing: Many couples enjoy dancing in anniversary parties. If you have live band, nothing like it. Else, get a CD with some good foot tapping numbers or slow melodious ones to let everyone have a ball.

Finally, remember the host should be at the venue on time and before guests arrive. No decking up excuse would cover for being late. Also, no anniversary party is complete without loads of pictures to cherish the memories. Depending on the scale of the party, you could arrange for a professional photographer, or for a more closed group set up, have a friend with knack for clicking pictures carry a camera to capture the special moments.