Anniversary Party Games

Anniversary parties are the most awaited celebrations. It is the day that celebrates the marriage day. Therefore, such a celebration is bound to be filled with loads of enjoyment and laughter. Anniversary party games make your anniversary celebration, an exciting event.

With your near and dear ones as your guests, your celebrations are surely going to be exciting. To add to this party flavor, plan some fun filled games. Not just children but adults too are going to be a part of such interesting games. They will love your anniversary celebrations all the more due to these amazing anniversary party games.

What sort of anniversary party games to have:

Choosing the right kind of party games is very essential. You must include such games which involves most of your guests. There must be special games for couples and children. Couple games usually involve the anniversary couples too.

Interesting Anniversary Party Games

You can check out some exciting games, which can be included in an anniversary party.

  1. Dance Competitions: Couples and also children can take part in such interesting dance competitions. You may have a couple ball dance, a paper dance, pillow dancing, balloon dancing and so on. Children too can participate in solo dance competitions, couple dances and so on.
  2. How well do you know the anniversary couple? : This is a very interesting game. Guests can take part in such a trivia about the anniversary couple and test their knowledge about the couple.
  3. Couple Trivia: There can be a trivia consisting of 5 questions each for both men and women, to check how much they know each other. Guests are definitely going to enjoy this game which leads to interesting revelation.
  4. Blindfolds: This is a cute game where the husband or the wife needs to recognize their better half, when they are blindfolded. All the husbands or wives can stand in a line and the player needs to recognize his/her better half.
  5. Truth and Dare games: Truth and daring games are always very exciting. It leads to hilarious revelations, which are often not known by the guest. It can be played by using a bottle which can be spun on a table surrounded by the couples. When the bottle stops before a particular couple, it is his/her turn to choose telling the truth, or dare to do that which is decided by the group.
  6. Musical Chair: Both adults and children can be a part of this enjoyable game. In this game, music is played and the people start moving around the number of chairs. One chair is missing from the arrangement of chairs that is as per the number of participants. As the music stops, the participants occupy the nearby chairs. Since one chair is missing, one person goes out of the game, which gets no chair to occupy. Again a chair is removed and the music continues to play further with the game which goes on till one chair and two contestants are left.

These and many more can form a part of anniversary party games to make this occasion an interesting one.

What the winner gets:

The winners of these games are like the 'stars' of the evening. Therefore, they surely deserve prizes. Some of the interesting prize items for such anniversary party games may include:

  1. A beautiful pen
  2. A lovely showpiece
  3. A tie pin
  4. A lovely purse
  5. A famous romantic book
  6. A music Compact Disk and so on.

There can be many more options of prizes for the winners which you can choose.

Anniversary party games are thrilling and lead to a lot of enjoyment. Everyone can be a part of it and make the anniversary celebration, a memorable event for the couple.

Popular Anniversary Party Games

No party is fun without party games. Anniversary parties should not be any different. Before you plan a party, consider your guest list. If you have younger guests, then you could take the liberty of planning a game involving more action – that is if you have space enough! Or if your guests are mostly single, then couple games would bore them completely.

Games would vary with passing years too! On a first anniversary, the party game could be mushy, but on a 10th anniversary or 25thanniversary, the couple may find such a party game hilarious! Considering that we are talking of wedding anniversary parties, here are some couple game ideas that will rave up the party. If you want to stick to generic party games, the usual musical chair, treasure hunt, passing the parcel would be just as fun!

  1. Couple Compatibility for the Newly Weds: This requires a little bit of pre planning. Prepare questionnaire with simple questions about likes and dislikes – favorite movie, food or worst travel experience etc. Now ask one partner to fill up the questionnaire guessing what the answers of the other one would be, and tally the results.

  2. Who They Are For Couples celebrating 20th or 25th Wedding Anniversary or beyond: This is a game to play when your relationship has seen quite a few summers together, and the same thing applies to your guests as well. Ask your guests to bring their wedding photographs. Ask them to keep the pictures in a basket without showing them to any guest. Shuffle the pictures well like cards. Now draw up a picture and let the guests guess who they are. The couple in the picture should add to the fun by confusing the others by making deliberate wrong guesses.

  3. Feel to Find Your Partner: Blindfold either the males or the females. Now sit the other partners around a table. The blindfolded partner has to touch the seated people and recognize who her/his spouse is!