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Anniversary Party Themes and Activities

An anniversary party is an apt occasion to serenade your relationship and make your spouse feel that he/she is important in your life. Anniversary get-togethers are always fun and exciting. You can make your family and dear friends a part of the celebrations, and seek their wishes and blessings for a better life ahead.

Most couples celebrate their anniversaries, i.e. 25th, 50th, 75th anniversary and so on, with lot of pomp and elan. Of course, there's a lot of planning goes in for the same. Wedding anniversaries bring couples together and enliven their romance. They become even more connected to one another.

Yet there are scores of couples who would love to celebrate their anniversaries, but they often get confused, as to how to go about it. Let us go through some anniversary party themes given below. These would help you to organize a get-together with your family and close friends.

Best Anniversary Party Themes

So you want a grand anniversary party with your near and dear ones? Once you have identified that, it is of equal importance to decide on the theme. Listed below are some popular themes that you can choose from:-

Fiesta Anniversary Party

An anniversary party with a fiesta theme is ideal when you have the presence of your family members and friends. It sure is going to be one memorable evening for you! You can have the party at your house or at any rented space that is elaborate and can accommodate several people.

Invite everyone who you want to and treat them to Italian cuisines and Mexican beer. Don't forget to put on some lively and vibrant music. Your fiesta anniversary party is going to be a celebration extravaganza!

Western Anniversary Party

Western style anniversary parties are amazing with western barbeques and other sumptuous dishes. It is best to have it in any outdoor location where you can invite a huge gang of people. For decorating the venue you can use bandanas, colored frills, and a dancing floor. You can always have a session of line or square dancing on some foot tapping number.

Luau Anniversary Party

There are number of romantic couples who celebrate their anniversaries with a cruise. This gives you all the scope for fun and excitement. If you choose a send-off luau for your celebrations, then it will set up your mood for a perfect tropical vacation.

Rock and Roll Anniversary Party

This is the most prevalent theme that the young couples choose to have what you call a "rocking" anniversary party. If you are all game for this theme, all you will need is a DJ or a music band, a spacious venue, good food and you are all set to spend the night crooning some of the best Elvis Presley or N'Sync numbers.

Apart from the above-mentioned names, there are other themes too that couples opt for. Some of them are known as Beach Theme, Restaurant Theme. Casino Theme, Club Theme, and Their House Garden Theme.

Anniversary Party Activities

Anniversary parties also have some interesting games and activities to partake in. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. Chinese Whisper
  2. Dance Competition between couples
  3. Musical Chair
  4. Love Quizzes
  5. Detect your partner

These sweet anniversary party activities would help you add mirth and magic to the celebrations as well as in your love life.

Anniversary Party Ideas

Anniversary Party Ideas for the following years:

Each Wedding anniversary has been traditionally assigned a theme which can help you design the party ideas.

  1. 1st Wedding Anniversary: Known as "paper anniversary", this one could be celebrated by decking up the venue with paper lanterns, streamers, origami artifacts. The invitation could mimic the classified section of a newspaper, or the favors could be gift-wrapped in newspapers.

  2. 2nd Wedding Anniversary: Known as "cotton anniversary", this one could be celebrated by planning a costume party where the guests could dress in cotton. A fun way to jazz up a bit is to have cotton candy stalls. Speaking of jazz, how about playing music by Cotton Club in the background?

  3. 3rd Wedding Anniversary: Known as "leather anniversary", this one could be celebrated by incorporating leather items as favors (leather key holders, leather-bound stationeries etc) or in dcor (faux leather placemats, centerpieces etc). Or if you and your guests are adventurous enough, you could ape the Wild West Cowboy-Cowgirl style – a perfect way to flaunt your leather breeches, belts and boots.

  4. 4th Wedding Anniversary: Traditionally represented by silk, flowers or fruit, this one spoils you with choice as you decide gifts or party themes. Spoil the couple with luxurious silk bedspread as gift, or incorporate the theme in party dcor with silk tablecloth and fruity-floral centerpieces.

  5. 5th Wedding Anniversary: Known as "wood anniversary", this one could be celebrated by planning a garden party. Wooden gift ideas range from expensive sculptures to pocket friendly kitchenware.

  6. 6th Wedding Anniversary: Traditionally represented by iron and candles, this anniversary you could mix-n-match the party theme with masculine somberly feel of iron in wrought iron decorative pieces, furniture, etc with the carefree fun touch of colorful candies that can be heaped in clear glass bowls to create stunning centerpieces.

  7. 7th Wedding Anniversary: Traditionally represented by wool and copper, this anniversary you could gift beautiful handmade copper jewelry or decorative vases. A woolen carpet will be a nice gift too. If the date is in winter months, woolen garments could also make a thoughtful yet practical gift.

  8. 9th Wedding Anniversary: Traditional gifting of pottery or china will make elegant yet usable gift for the couple. Small clay flower pots or sculptures could deck up tables at the party. For a personal touch, the couple could take a pottery class together; make a piece and hand-paint it to create a memento for lifetime.

  9. 10th Wedding Anniversary: Known as "tin anniversary", this one is at present associated with diamond gifts. Well, this may not fit everyone’s budget. But a beautiful canister set of tin, or a kitchen tool set will make a perfect gift. In the party, set favors of candies in colorful small tin boxes to adhere to the theme.

  10. 20th Wedding Anniversary: Whether you incline towards a traditional gift of China or a modern gift of Platinum, this one is a milestone to be celebrated in style. A His N Her Platinum Ring Set will be a treasure for life. Bring out your best china for an elegant party.

  11. 25th Wedding Anniversary: Known as "silver anniversary", this one gives opportunity for a graceful party dcor in shades of grey, silver, white and ebony. Sparkle up with silver glittery balloons all over. Silver photo-frames, candle-stands etc make spectacular gifts. Oh, and don’t forget the sparkly champagne!

  12. 40th Wedding Anniversary: Known as "ruby anniversary", this one gives opportunity to paint the town (okay, read the venue) red. Fill up the place with red balloons, arrange red roses on tables – the choices are endless depending on whether you want to keep it bold or understated. A classy jewel of ruby, a brooch or pendant for her or a cufflink for him, makes an expensive but timeless gift. So will a bottle of Red Wine.

  13. 50th Wedding Anniversary: Known as "gold anniversary", this one should have a glitter themed party in gold. Deck up in gold dress and make Him wear a matte gold tie. A pair golden His N Her Band, if exchanged as gifts, would add a warm glow your lives along with your fingers.

  14. 60th Wedding Anniversary:Known as "diamond anniversary", this one should have a bling. Solitaire Diamonds make lovely gifts. Party ideas should center around white, with sparkling dcor wherever possible.