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Anniversary Invitation Wording

We often tend to overlook the small issues concerning our big celebration that can bring about big changes in the mood of the party. How much do we care about planning for the anniversary invitation wording? Rarely, but it is a small issue that can turn your celebration bigger and grand. Little thought on invitation wording can make up a great invitation, an invitation that itself will lure the guests into your celebration.

Best Invitation Wording:

Start making your anniversary celebration special with some great anniversary invitation verses. Your guests will remember the invitation wording of your celebration too. Let us have a look at some of the anniversary invitation wording:

  1. You play a special part in our lives,
    we invite you to celebrate (# of years) years of love, care, and share.
    Dinner will be served
    Date: 11th July, Sunday.
    Time: Since six o'clock in the evening
    Address: 234 Baker Street
    San Diego, California.
  2. We are happy to announce that, we have made
    To our 1st wedding anniversary
    Join us in our celebration,
    On 30th July, Friday at 8:00 P.M
    at The Ramsey Residence
    112 Oakmeal Drive, Salisbury
    Cocktails will be served.
    - Juana and Mark Ramsey
  3. Your presence is requested to honor the
    reaffirmation of wedding vows of
    Mary and John Fox on Saturday, October 4, Monday
    at 6:00 p.m. We request your presence at
    The Fox Villa
    24 Spring Road
    Spring, Maryland
  4. Veronica and Jacob Cooper request the pleasure of your company at a party celebration
    Occasion: 15th Wedding Anniversary
    Address: 124, Main Street, Knightsbridge
    Date: 20th August, Friday
    Time: 8.00 P.M
    R.S.V.P. Tel: Veronica 334.757.3
    Email veronica@hotmail.com
  5. Please join our family
    on the grand celebration of our parents
    ___ _________ (couple)
    celebrate _____ (years) years of marriage
    at a dinner reception in their honor
    on __________ (date)
    _______ (year)
    at_________ (time)
    ____________ (location)
    ___________ (address)
    ____________ (city, state)
  6. The honor of your presence
    is requested at the reaffirmation
    of the wedding vows of
    __________________ (couple)
    ______________ (date)
    ________________ (year)
    at__________ (time)
    _______________ (location)
    ________________ (address)
    _____________ (city, state)

Special Anniversary Invitation:

A special anniversary invitation for the special years of marriage, here is a look at some of the special invitation wording:

10th Anniversary Invitation Wording:

  1. Jessica and Michael Parker
    request the pleasure of your presence
    at a Barbeque on the Beach
    in celebration of their
    10th Wedding Anniversary
    on 5th September, Sunday at 12:00 noon
    Bay Beach
    Gulf Blvd.
    Palm Springs, NC
  2. Our family cordially invites you
    to join this Tenth Anniversary Celebration
    at___________ (time)
    ___________ (location)
    ___________ (address)
    _____________ (city, state)

25th Anniversary Invitation Wording:

  1. you have shared in our parents lives
    the joy and happiness with your
    your friendship and love
    we cordially invite you to join
    the celebration of the
    25-year wedding anniversary
    of our parents
    Julia and Paul
    on 8th August, Sunday.
    at 7:00 P.M.
    Carefree Country Club
    Carefree, Arizona
    -John, Mark, and Susan Roberts
  2. In honor of the
    25th Wedding Anniversary of
    Jennifer and Richard Pitt
    their children request your presence
    at a Cocktail Party
    on 31st July, Saturday
    at 8:00 P.M
    Pitt House
    8199 Jeremiah Rd.
    Nantucket, VA

50th Anniversary Invitation Wording:

  1. It is truly a test of love
    when 50 years
    come and go, and two
    people wake up each morning
    like it were the first...
    Please be our guest and grace the occasion
    with your presence for a Buffet Style Dinner
    to celebrate our 50 year anniversary
    on Sunday, August 29th
    7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
    Atrium Restaurant, The (American)
    Doral Arrowwood Hotel, Anderson Hill Road, Rye Brook.
  2. It's a Surprise Party, but don't tell anybody
    Jenny and Ben Johnson
    are on their way to golden years of marriage!
    Please join in the celebration of
    their 50th Anniversary
    Saturday, August 21st
    at 5:00 P.M.
    at the Johnson Villa
    2325 Oak Hill Lane
    Scarcest, MI 55566

Anniversary invitation wording gracefully show how much you will honor the presence of your near and dear ones in their celebration of marriage and love.

Top Anniversary Invitations Ideas

  1. Include your personality: One brilliant idea to make the invitation card look attractive and pleasing is that you can include a beautiful photograph of you both on the invitation. This will truly make it look fabulous and the invitees will love the concept. Photo anniversary invitations are a great hit.
  2. Go for a romantic theme. As this is the moment of celebration of love and care, a romantic theme would apt well for the occasion. A diamond pendant, heart-shaped beads, and a red rose would look perfect.
  3. Take inspiration from your hobbies. Bring out your own character in designing a beautiful invitation. If sports interest you, try and involve that in the making of the invitation card. For people who are an avid follower of soothing beauty of beaches, they can surely use beautiful scenic beauty of the beaches in the card. In the similar ways, other romantic destinations can also take part in the designing process of anniversary invitation card.
  4. Give a basic idea about the party. You can always give a slight hint about the fun and excitement that is going to happen in the party. Let them get a little idea about the fun that is about to happen in the event. Convey the message that if by any chance they miss this they are surely going to miss something important.
  5. Use colors. Try and use as much colors you want to use for the event. Colors represent a lively and healthy atmosphere. So before you use any color do not miss to take a small hint about its relevance. For instance, you can never use black for this occasion. Red, pink, yellow, orange, green, and peach are some of the best colors you can always use in the designing of the anniversary invitation card.

To conclude, beautiful anniversary invitations solve your purpose of conveying your actual message for the occasion. Let the guests wait for the mega event.

Anniversary Party Invitations

Anniversary Party Invitations set the stage to celebrate your special day in style. In today's volatile world, a successful marriage is a matter of pride and is a prized possession. Your love and support for each other has added endurance and durability to your marriage vows. On this journey, you have come across friends, family and associates who have been witnesses to this beautiful union. Make them a part of your celebrations by inviting them to your Anniversary party.

Before you design the invitations, think if you want your party to be a themed one, whether you and your spouse prefer traditional or contemporary styles, what colors you both agree upon, etc. Then you can style the invitations accordingly. If the plan is to really party hard with friends to let your wild side play free, you can hint it to your guests by sending a funny invitation. But gag style is not for everyone. Also, if you insist upon them, make sure you know that your guests will be able to take them in the right spirit, and most importantly, the fun should be harmless and innocent.

For milestone anniversaries like 10th anniversary, 25th anniversary invitations (silver), 50th anniversary invitations (gold) etc, it is best to keep the invitations classic and elegant - a monogrammed backdrop or an antique motif will help to deliver the message with grace. If you want a personal touch, you could create photo invitations with collages of pictures of the two of you together. Get Anniversary Party Invitation Ideas to spread the word to people who make up your world that you are commemorating your special day in style!

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