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Anniversary Date Ideas

We must have all seen couples madly in love with each other, even after years of marriage. For them anniversary is yet another occasion to be close to each other and spend some lone time together. If it's your anniversary, you must be thinking of ways to celebrate it. How about dating your beautiful wife all over again on your anniversary? It is here that you will need few sweet anniversary date ideas.

Romance is all about bringing in that spark in your relationships. Let us go through few romantic anniversary date ideas that would add that spark to your love.

1. Bring back your first date

You would forever remember the way she smiled the first time or how he pulled the chair for you in the cafeteria. It is these small gestures that make us fall in love with our partners. On your anniversary relive that first date by visiting the same cafe joint, or church or the mall where you met.

Men can wear a similar dress they wore on their first date. It would bring back the same memories. Perhaps, you both dated first in college. Wearing your college batch on your shirt for a while will bring back that boisterous charm back to your bond.

If your first date was in some small town, then take a vacation to the same place and relive the loving memories. For some of us our first dates with each other might have been a disaster. Recollect those days, and laugh together as you cut your anniversary cake or over a romantic candle light dinner. After all, love is all about loving your partner's imperfect side too.

2. A Romantic Getaway

There are times when your anniversary plans with your partner gets spoiled due to family, official and other social commitments. Set aside all work for the day and fix a romantic getaway for your partner. You can reserve a room in a luxury boutique hotel or can also arrange for a weekend getaway to some nearby place.

To make the day even more special, take your wife on a long drive overnight. You can pause for a while and take a stroll beneath the skies together.

3. Relive your first kiss together

Do you recollect the romantic number by Enrique Iglesias and Whitney Houston, titled "Could I have this kiss forever"? Just as inexplicably romantic the song is, the first kiss for couples remains special forever. On your anniversary, get back to the place where you first cuddled up and kissed each other. As you wish each other, relive back the same moments together.

4. A Romantic Picnic

If you have less time at hand or have a minor cash crunch, you can arrange a small romantic picnic nearby for your partner. Visit the nearby beach, park or garden with each other. Your being together is what would make your anniversary special and memorable.

5. Friends day out

Most couples when married gets into the role of spouses. On your anniversary take out time and be what both of you were before. That is friends. Take a day out and do what you used to when you dated each other or were just friends. Go to game stations, watch back to back movies, haunt the gelato parlors, buy junk jewelleries, relish your favorite chocolate cookies, get surprise gifts for each other….Do it all and together on your anniversary!

Dating can be fun and romantic even when you are married. Make the most of your anniversary with some of the best anniversary date ideas.