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Anniversary Craft Ideas

It is really wonderful to see couples together, after years of marriage and happily celebrating their wedding anniversaries. The excitement and spontaneity with which they plan things are often contagious. To help the couples celebrate their anniversaries even better, there are some creative anniversary craft ideas that can be used for the party.

Generally these interesting anniversary craft ideas also depend on the time span, the couples have been with each other. From the newly weds to the ones who are celebrating their 25th anniversary, can also use these wedding craft ideas.

If you are wondering what this means, let us elaborate some of the best anniversary craft ideas for you. These ideas can be categorized with regards to the newlyweds and the already married couples. Have fun as you browse over them. You can also use any idea if you want to.

Anniversary Craft Ideas for the Newlyweds

This is for the romantic couples, married for one to five years. The sweet romantic craft ideas are listed below:-

  1. You can have a matching bath robe of terry cloth, with a personalized "Mr" and "Mrs" written with your last names on it.
  2. Get a wooden plague in front of your house, having your last names and the date of their year of marriage.
  3. Arrange for a romantic scrapbook that would have keepsakes from past dates and anniversaries.

Anniversary Craft Ideas for Married Couples

This is for the married couples who are happily married for the past six to twenty years. During this time, couples are tied up between family and professional commitments. These creative craft ideas will add a spark and rejuvenate them and their romance.

  1. A small cute quilt, made of the couples dress material, worn on their wedding with the anniversary date stitched on to it.
  2. A memory book, couples had shared all these years highlighting their romantic moments spent together.

Anniversary Craft Ideas for Senior Married Couples

This is especially for the ones who are married for 20 years and beyond. This stage of their wedlock is often known as the years of reflection. During this phase, once the kids have grown up and have taken their designed paths in life, couples can sit back and reflect the moments they have spent together. Given below are some unique anniversary craft ideas for them:-

  1. Arrange for a restored heirloom that has a sentimental value, with the couples names and wedding date engraved or written on it.
  2. A video scrapbook that has records of some of the special moments spent with friends and family. This reflects the depth and strength of their bond.
  3. A bed sheet that is made of sentimental elements like the couple's children's clothes, honeymoon scarves, old jackets, and furniture patterns that is reminiscent of their romantic journey in life together.

Each anniversary is special. Something handmade to cherish the bond makes it even more exceptional. It can be a simple and small thing made with love that will make a difference. Romantic anniversary craft ideas can be used by all couples to make their bonds loving and strong.