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Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Engagement anniversary ideas allow us to relive the joys and happiness of our engagement ceremony. All of us want to make our engagement ceremony a memorable one, even years after we are happily married. The occasion calls for celebrations with our partners and make them feel special.

These romantic engagement anniversary ideas are not just about being over-elaborated gestures. It rather indicates subtle thoughts and gestures, with love and warmth. Therefore make this engagement anniversary a memorable one with some exciting romantic ideas.

Never mind if they seem slightly outlandish, they would certainly weave out a fairytale romance for you. You can always count on these romantic thoughts and sweet romantic engagement ideas that would bring joy and happiness to your bond.

Given below are some of the best engagement anniversary ideas that you can choose from.

Passion Pouch

Do you want to make your partner recollect some old memories that you both hold very close? Then you can try out this sweet engagement anniversary idea. Get hold of a wooden box or a silk pouch and fill it up with small parchments, where you have written down special moments. If you remember some of your initial dates, write them down as well. You can place a small gift in it, like a pendant or a ring and share it with your girlfriend.

Get Poetic

If your partner reads poetry or is into literary pursuits, then you can mail them romantic poems by poets like John Donne, Keats, and Shakespeare. You can also include snaps of both of you and you dedicate these lines to her, or write them behind the pictures.

You can also frame a picture of both of you and add few lines from any romantic poem.

Beach Surprise

Take your girlfriend or fiancee for a beach walk. Make all the arrangements in a given area decorated with flowers, wine, cakes and chocolates. You can keep them on the piece of silk, so that it almost would look like a romantic magic carpet. If you yet haven't proposed her yet, then you can express your emotions to her. If you have, you can simply share a "just for you" note or message and make her feel special.

Floral Delight

Flowers can work wonder when it comes to matters of the heart. You can send your fiancee different flower bouquets everyday for a week, leading up to your engagement anniversary. You can have them sent in her residence or office. You don't need any special reason for this. You can add different love messages or love quotes to go with it. If you want you can write them yourself or take some of the famous engagement anniversary quotes.

Romantic Memorabilia

We all have heard about celebrity, music and artist memorabilia. How about creating a romantic memorabilia for your partner? Take a scrapbook or colored crepe papers that you have used in your art and craft days. Include all special moments of your relationship in it starting from when you met, your initial courtship days, and your engagement ceremony and so on.

Any occasion related to our wedding and engagement remains close to our heart forever. Engagement anniversary ideas help us celebrate our togetherness. When you want to show your partner that you care, you can always bank it on these romantic ideas.