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Anniversary Food Ideas

No occasion or celebration is complete without food. Whatever you serve, serve it with style, passion, courtesy, respect, and dedication.

Food is a gesture and part of a courtesy that can invite appreciations in a way that more people would be interested in being a part of your party the next time you arrange it.

Anniversary food planning is a part of anniversary plans. Just like other plans in an anniversary are important so is the food planning. Satisfied guests are very important for a successful party and it goes without saying that food and drinks can satisfy one. To make sure that nothing in the food section in the anniversary goes chaotic, it is important that you chalk out the essential anniversary plans in terms of food.

Anniversary food ideas also make things easier for you especially when you are planning a theme anniversary party. Do not forget to add the necessary food requirements that suit the theme of the party. Anniversary theme food can be dependent on the number of years you have crossed in your married life. For example, golden theme in food arrangement can be a good option when you are celebrating a 50th anniversary.

Anniversary Food Planning

A good cater can do the needful when it comes to planning in anniversary food. If it is not a grand party then you can sit back and decide on the little likes and dislikes in food in general. There are a few things that should be kept in mind when planning anniversary food-

  1. Number of guests
  2. Types of food
  3. Venue of the party
  4. Timing of the party

Anniversary food planning can also be done according to the food choice and favorites of the couple.

Serving anniversary food:

It is believed that the way you serve a food determines how many are ready to eat it. A food well served serves its aesthetic sense. Everyone gets attracted towards something which is well prepared. Serving anniversary food is an art, an art that draws the guests.

Food in anniversary can be served in a famous buffet style. Buffet style in anniversary is a popular way of serving food because it prompts the guests to eat according to their choice and quantity.

Anniversary food items:

Anniversary food items can involve Italian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, sea food, etc. Salads, fruits, rolls, and sweet dishes can add the required flavor into the various anniversary food items. There can be wines, scrumptious starters, delicious deserts, or some other hot and favorite dishes that would complete the menu of the anniversary party. You can also include food items like cake, cookies, chocolates, candies, sandwiches, burgers, beans, and desserts. They will be liked by guests especially the children and teens.

Another interesting food planning on this anniversary can be the food meals associated with your early days or the first date. Such sentimental meals can derive required emotional ambience in the party. Make it close, make it special.

Basically, you should see to it that the anniversary party food is not repeated in taste and class. More variety will invite more people and more appreciation as something or the other will match their taste. So, use these Anniversary Food Ideas to make it a memorable day by well arranged and delicious anniversary party food.

Anniversary Lunch and Dinner Ideas and Recipes

Anniversary Meals should be intimate, kind of snuggly. You may feel like having it far from the maddening crowd at restaurants at the comforts of your own home. You may feel like wooing your partner with your cooking. Or you may make cooking a beautiful bonding experience for the two of you as you spend a day in warm companionship. Also, you would like to keep the feel gourmet, but the labor part simple so that you don't get too tired to enjoy your special day. Here are a few recipes to try out for your Anniversary Lunch or Dinner that are easy on efforts yet high on impact. And while you are at it, don't forget a romantic table layout to set the right mood and ambience!

Spicy Chicken Drumsticks to Fire Your Passion (Appetizer)

Clean chicken drumsticks. Whether you want to have the skin removed is your choice absolutely. Now marinate for two hours (or more if you have time and inclination, but in that case refrigerate) with -- vinegar, pepper, garlic paste, ginger paste, soya sauce, chili flakes, jalapeo paste, salt (check on this since soya sauce has a lot of salt in it) beaten together in a bowl with an equal proportion of corn-flour and all purpose flour. You can add chopped spring onions to it also if you have them around. The batter will be semi-thick to coat the chicken nicely. Now simply heat oil in a pan, and fry these (deep fry) in medium-low heat till done. Prick with a fork to check if the inside is done. Keeping the flame low ensures the chicken cooks evenly inside out.

Fish in Orange-Honey Sauce for Your Honey-bun (Main Course)

If you have any fish fillet in your fridge, this will make a perfect dish for the gourmet touch in a jiffy. You could use most varieties of fish for this. Salmon, Catfish, Halibut, Basa blend well with the flavors. Marinate the fillets with lemon juice/vinegar, salt, chili flakes and soya sauce for about an hour. In a small bowl whisk a few ingredients for the sauce, orange juice, chopped cilantro or parsley, ginger paste, garlic paste, soy sauce (don't go overboard since it's already in the marinade), olive oil, and red pepper flakes (depending on how much heat you can tolerate - remember you already have some in the marinade as well). Heat oil and cook the fish both sides, one at a time, until light golden. Remove from heat. Add chopped onions to the heated oil and fry till brown and crunchy. Add the mixture you had set aside in the bowl. Cook for a while till it comes to a boil. Then reduce the heat and add honey and fold it slowly. Mix well. Now add the fish and simmer till the fish absorbs the sauce and becomes moist. Serve hot on a bed of steamed white/brown rice or couscous.

Trifle That Melts Your Heart (Dessert)

This is easy to make, a lot of help being taken from store bought items. What adds the pizzazz is the colorful presentation. Take out your favorite clear glass trifle bowl (any flat bottomed bowl to let the cake fit properly) for maximum visual appeal. Take a pound cake and cut it across to make thin disks. Put a layer of cake, top it with your favorite jam. Now add seasonal fruits cut into bite sized chunks. Cover it all with whipped cream (bottles available easily in any grocery store). Now add another disk of cake. Cover that with custard in the flavor of your choice (something that would complement the flavor of the jam and fruits used) topped with fruits and whipped cream. Put another disk of cake on top. Garnish with cream, fruits and nuts. Put to set in the fridge. Serve chilled.

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