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Wedding Anniversary Etiquettes

Wedding anniversary etiquettes are small things to follow but if followed properly they can make a huge impact and a large difference. An anniversary is a special day whether it is your 1st anniversary or 50th.

Gifts, memories, events, and other little gestures make the anniversary memorable but it is also the etiquettes on wedding anniversary which makes a difference.

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Etiquettes

Invitations are the formal and the foremost etiquette before a party. Invitations set the mood of the party. It is with the help of wedding anniversary etiquettes that you can make out how the treatment of the guests will be in the party. Invitations can make you plan or cancel the request of attending a function.

It is with the help of the wedding anniversary invitation etiquette that you can make out whether the party is going to be formal or casual. The style and way of wedding invitations suggest how things can be through out the party. It promises and sets expectations.

The names in the invitation cards should be written properly and in full if they are meant for formal parties. The cards should give the expected information or outline of the party. The time, dates, meals served, and information about programs including the dates should be mentioned.

In the cards let the guests feel that their presence is more important than the presence of their gifts. Try sending invitations in advance so that the guests can take out quality time for your party. See to it that no one has been missed as per your plans.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts Etiquettes

When you are invited for a party the very first thing that comes into your mind is arranging a perfect gift for the occasion. Gifts depend on the anniversary you are attending. If it is the 25th anniversary then wedding anniversary gifts etiquette says that you should carry something in silver. If it is the 30th anniversary, try gifting pearl. Accordingly, make sure that you gift something which is appropriate for an anniversary and not something which can be objectionable.

Also, the gifts should be opened in private after the guests have departed and not before that.

Wedding Anniversary Favors

Wedding anniversary favors are an essential etiquette at the time of signing out the party. The guests have done a favor to the couple by joining them in a wonderful and memorable occasion.

So, show them that you value this favor done by them by returning them this favor in the form of thank you gifts, cards, or even verbal gestures. It is with the help of these etiquettes that the guests can think of being a part of your celebration the next time also.

Thank you cards or hand written or stationary thank you notes with the name of the guest alongside his valuable contribution can make a lot of difference.

Wedding Anniversary Surprise Etiquettes

Don't intrude the privacy of the couple. Make sure that what you are planning to on their anniversary is not objectionable to them. Also, the couples should know how to handle the surprises even if they were not interested in one. Here, the couple must enrich themselves in calm and hospitality.

Apart from other etiquettes on wedding anniversary there are also seating etiquettes that should be followed. These things make up for some important wedding anniversary surprise etiquettes.

Every anniversary is worthy of celebration and it is also true that with every anniversary you learn some etiquettes. They are not hard bound rules but are little ethics, failing to follow which can cause a rude behavior in an occasion like an anniversary. So, it is important that you keep the Wedding Anniversary Etiquettes in mind.

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