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Crazy Things to do on Your First Anniversary

So are you excited about the "big 1"?  It sure beats the big 50 or the big 75th anniversary celebration.  By year one, you’re still in the prime of your life and are still getting to know your husband or wife. 


Of course, that’s not really the point of Year One.  Year One is all about the celebration, and the best way to celebrate is to do something crazy for your anniversary date!  What do we mean by crazy?  We’re not talking Joker crazy or even Will Ferrell crazy. 


We just mean something fun and slightly dangerous—something that will get your friends talking and get you and the sexy spouse all riled up and excited to be in love.  Here are 10 crazy tips to keep in mind.


1. Return to the exact location of your first date, first encounter or first romantic moment

It doesn’t make much sense to go back—especially if it’s a long drive away or an almost impossible situation to duplicate.  Still, it’s a great mind trip because you’re recreating the circumstances of that first romantic spark.  Will the feelings intensify this time around?  Will you experience new emotions or thoughts as you tour the scene and reminisce about old times?  This is a must-have experience and the farther away the place, the better!


2. Get intimate in a public place

All right, this could get you in trouble so for the sake of your dignity and in order to avoid scandal, don’t go into heavily populated areas, nor do you want to go anywhere a policeman is lurking or anywhere there is a cashier with a phone.  Think about lonely beaches at night, patios facing the freeway, a car, or even a self-guided tour in another country where you can end up alone with your sweetie in between boring castles and landmarks.


3. Create a time capsule box

This doesn’t feel very crazy right now, but in 10 years, you are definitely going to get a big kick out of all the items you include in this capsule.  Throw in personal thoughts and reflections, favorite items, gag items (with inside jokes) and write letters to yourself in the future.  It will feel crazy in ten years…and when you open that box with friends or family you will definitely feel slightly insane…but also very alive with memories.


4. Go treasure hunting

Geo caching refers to the modern day equivalent of treasure hunting.  You look up where the treasure is hidden (which can be anything your planter decides; something valuable or fairly silly) and then use your GPS and deductive skills to find the hidden items.  It’s like hide and go seek for adults, with just a taste of Pirates of the Caribbean.  Kudos to you if you act like Jack Sparrow the whole time you travel.  What better way to waste the day than with your sweetheart and solving a mystery?


5. Take a road trip out to nowhere

Don’t plan a trip…just go!  Take a road trip to nowhere in particular and then stop at a hotel whenever you get tired of driving.  It will give you the chance to sightsee…but more importantly, it will let you feel spontaneous, all the while in the arms of your adoring partner.  Bonus points if you manage to have sex in the hotel swimming pool.  (But if you get caught, we don’t know you)


6. Go revisit your childhood homes and other landmarks

This is not as crazy as the last suggestion, but it is a very unusual approach to the first-year anniversary that we love.  It’s a great bonding experience, as viewing your old childhood buildings and parks can recall old memories and allow you to reminisce about old times.  It makes for a great conversation. 


7. Go to a costume party or comic convention

Hey, what other excuse is there to dress up like a crazy person?  Frankly, we think it’s even funnier if you just dress up in costume and go hit the town, soaking in all the stares and giggles.  Of course, if you’re a bit bashful and don’t want to cause a scene then instead opt for legitimate reasons to dress up: comic or sci-fi conventions, movie premieres or costume parties.  It lets you act “in character” and also exposes you to a new side of your wacky partner.


8. Sing karaoke

What better way to laugh the night away than to sing with your slightly tipsy partner while at a karaoke bar?  What’s not to love about you singing Kurt Cobain’s best while your spouse sings Gloria Gaynor’s swan song?  Just make sure you know the lyrics to the song before the rowdy crowd boos you off stage.  Yes, one of the best ways to celebrate a one year mark is to take that joy and share it with others.


9. Go to a bar and pick up your spouse

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you will never get to court again.  In fact, you can recreate the night to your liking, and even give a few alternate scenarios to your partner, just to liven him or her up.  Go to a bar and dress up, pretending as if you don’t know your spouse.  Then offer to buy him or her a drink.  To make it extra fun, try to be a bit defensive or challenging.  Whatever your spouse says, play along as if it’s real and see where the night takes you.  How fun…you can have a guilt-free one-night stand if you work for it!


10. Have a couples night and make it a game night

If you want to be more sociable then think about inviting friends over to celebrate your anniversary.  Explain that it’s not about bringing gifts—it’s just good natured fun.  You can make things more interesting by having a Survivor theme, in which there are challenges to perform, or you can vote people off the dance floor. 


These tips are sure to provide hours of entertainment for your first anniversary celebration!

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