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Wedding Anniversary

Your wedding anniversary is a day to celebrate the success of your bond and the love you both share together. It's a moment of joy and happiness for couples. Whether you celebrate this day with your family or friends it is your choice completely. On this day you celebrate the continuity of your bond and the love that binds both of you.

The 1st anniversary is associated with paper. Likewise your 25th anniversary is known as the silver jubilee and the 50th anniversary is known as the golden jubilee.

Every wedding anniversary aught to be celebrated in such a way, so that it becomes memorable for couples. These celebrations are a small way to show your partner that you still care and your bond remains full of spark forever.

Anniversary Ideas

Gifting each other anniversary mementos is a wonderful option as the celebrations are taking place. Apart from that, you can also choose from the following top anniversary ideas or you can have your own ideas as well:-

  1. Relish your anniversary wedding cake together. This has an innocence and charm of its own. You can choose the flavor both of you like for the cake. If you both prefer two different flavors, order something that combines both. For instance, chocolate mousse cake with strawberry toppings, blueberry chocolate cheese cake, vanilla cake with choco chips and the like.
  2. You can melt all the wedding candles that were used on your wedding ceremony and at the reception, then merge it as one huge candle. Both of you can light it as a starting celebration to the day.
  1. One of the best ways to celebrate your anniversaries is to plan for a romantic getaway over a weekend or any time. It can be a mini trip or vacation.
  2. If it's your 25th wedding anniversary then you can arrange for a romantic escapade to any faraway land for a week and then be back. This is going to be a welcoming retreat from your busy schedule.
  3. On your marriage anniversary week both of you can also attend a marriage enrichment workshop. These workshops are fun to be in, with interactive sessions and exciting love and compatibility quizzes.
  4. You can arrange an anniversary party for your close friends and family, and then can go out on a long overnight drive with your spouse. Spending the anniversary night under the open sky with champagne, chocolates and cakes along with your partner will make you fall in love once again.
  5. On your 50th anniversary you can take a picture of both of you cutting the cake and frame it later. It is a good way to capture bygone days and memories.
  6. Another romantic way to spend you 6th or 10th anniversary is to retire to a secluded place and look back at your previous anniversary celebrations photos and recollect old memories.
  7. You can also hand made an anniversary scrapbook, where you can pen down your thoughts. You can read them secretly to your partner on the wedding anniversary day. If you know that your partner has a habit maintaining a diary or anniversary scrapbook, you can gift them one. Nothing is going to be more thoughtful or sweet anniversary gift than this.

Anniversary is a day to celebrate your togetherness. Make the most of it with some creative and exciting anniversary celebration ideas.

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