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My dear Valentine: Love makes the world go round at Valentine

Love makes the world go round at My Dear Valentine…

Where would we all be, in a world without love? Love is a wonderful thing; from the first moments of shy flirtation at the bus stop, to marrying the partner of your dreams in front of friends and family. It’s what makes our hearts beat faster, what makes us blush, giggle and smile, and it’s what makes our lives truly beautiful.

My Dear Valentine, one of the most vibrant, exciting online romance site, is an intoxicating place to while away an hour or two, exploring a wealth of articles, galleries and fun tests, all with one common theme; love, romance and happiness!

Enjoy a site that offers practical advice on everything love-related, from first dates, to planning the perfect wedding anniversary party. Find out if they’re the one for you with our love test, and check your horoscope to see if today is the day that you meet ‘the one’. Everything you could possibly want from a romance site is right here, and all available at the click of a button.

Welcome to our site, enjoy the My Dear Valentine experience! Here is a helpful guide to assist you with getting the most from your time here with us.


Whether you’re currently single and searching for the perfect partner, or already part of a happy relationship, this is the category to explore for great advice, tips and help on all things relationship-related!

It’s in this section that you can find really useful advice on both boyfriends and girlfriends. It’s wonderful having a boyfriend or girlfriend, but sometimes, maintaining a contented partnership can feel incredibly complicated, not to mention hard work! We’ve got some really helpful articles to help you navigate your relationship successfully, from finding the perfect gift for your loved one, to amazing ideas for poems, love letters, and even SMS messages! Believe us, this can come in very useful if you’re feeling particularly tongue-tied and are desperate to impress!

Explore our Relationship section, and you’ll also find all sorts of useful hints and tips about how to date. Dating is great fun (not to mention really exciting) but can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect, especially if it’s a first date. Our dating articles are jam-packed with useful advice, with fabulous advice on how to plan the perfect blind date, to how to date effectively, according to your star sign. We’ve got a wealth of practical dating information, which is all accessible in just a few

clicks of your mouse. In fact, there’s so much information here, you’ll never need to feel underprepared when you go on a hot date ever again! View more about Relationships >>

Flirting and Fun:

There’s nothing more fun than flirting. From that first moment, where you lock eyes across a crowded room, to more serious flirting at a party, flirting is all about enjoying yourself, and feeling the thrill of discovering a love-match with that special someone.

However, for some people, flirting can feel like a stressful experience. Only the lucky few are naturals at the fine art of flirting, the rest of us mere mortals have to work to master the techniques.

Our Flirting and Fun section is devoted to highlighting the fun and frolics of flirting, and to give you some useful pointers on how to flirt in style!

Want to know how to give off some seriously flirty vibes without saying a word? Check out our body language section, which gives handy hints on how to send a sexy message without making a sound, and also, how to avoid giving off the wrong signals – never a good thing when trying to flirt successfully!

We also have a wealth of information on pick up lines, and show you how to make a good impression without making people cringe! We’ve also got some more general advice in our helpful tips section, to make sure that you feel confident approaching the person of your dreams. So go forth and flirt with flair, and above all else…have fun! More info Flirting >>


Did you think that this site was only about romantic love? Think again! My Dear Valentine celebrates love in all its forms, and the fondness and affection that we feel for our friends is a really important type of love that we simply couldn’t survive without!

Friends really do matter, which is why we’ve got lots of really useful advice on friendship. Like any relationship, friendship can take some work, and we’ve got great articles on how to get the best from your friends, with helpful tips on strengthening your friendship, and how to be a great friend yourself.

In our Friendship section, we’ve also got some cards for you to send your favourite chums, plus some wonderful ideas for gifts, if you’re looking for the perfect present for their birthday, or simply a nice gift to make them feel valued and appreciated. We’ve also got a beautiful inspiration section, including poems, stories and songs, all devoted to friendship in all its wonderful forms. Relax, read and enjoy, perhaps with a friend or two! Friendship>>

Wedding & Anniversary:

If you’re about to take things to the next level with your long-term partner, or you’re celebrating a number of happy years as man and wife, then this is the section for you.

We love the romance of wedding bells. Your wedding day is likely to be the best day of your life, and chances are, you’re going to want lots of helpful advice to make sure it goes without a hitch! You can find some really useful articles here. A particularly dreamy place to browse is our honeymoons and getaways section, if you’re searching for inspiration on where to book to enjoy some quality romantic time with your loved one after the big day.

If you’re celebrating an anniversary, either a wedding anniversary, or simply a celebration of the years you’ve spent together since you went on your first date, you’re going to want to mark the occasion in style. This section offers assistance with finding the perfect anniversary gift, plus some good advice on planning a party, including preparing invites and getting the perfect cake for the event! We’ve also got a beautiful inspiration section, with poems, songs, verses and more. We challenge you not to be moved by these gorgeously romantic sentiments! Anniversary >>

Valentines Day:

As our name suggests, Valentines Day is very important to us. In fact, we’ll admit it…it’s our favourite day of the year! We love the excitement of Valentines Day, of receiving that anonymous card, and big bunch of flowers, and trying to guess who might have sent it…it’s just too romantic for words!

However, sometimes Valentines Day can be a tricky day to get right. As the most loving day of the year, it’s important to create the right mood, so that you and your loved one can feel really close to one another. But sometimes, this can feel like a bit of a challenge. Where do you start? How do you make sure that your special day goes according to plan, and that your love flourishes in style?

In our Valentines Day section, you can find everything you need to know about the 14th February. In our fascinating facts section, find out a little more about the history of the day, how it is celebrated in other cultures, and other intriguing facts. We’ve also got some wonderfully romantic inspiration in our ideas section, including everything from finding the right Valentines gift for your partner, to cooking up the perfect evening meal.

We’ve also got some beautiful Valentines quotes, guaranteed to make you and your partner melt inside. How romantic! Valentines Day >>

Pin It! Picture Quotes:

If, like us, you’re a hopeless romantic, who loves to share the message of love with the world, then have a look at our gorgeous picture quote board. As they say, a single image can say a thousand words, and these beautiful images really do know how to do the talking!

These sentimental, emotional images are custom-made to be shared on Pinterest, or other social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. They make a perfect love-related board for you to share with your friends, and with the larger online community.

Or of course, you can share them with family and friends, to remind them of how much they mean to you. It’s a touching way to stay in touch, and a loving message to give to that special someone.

We’ve got a variety of themes for you to explore, from empowering expressions of love, to addressing the pain of break-up; from intimate moments, to playful sentiments. Have fun browsing through them, and make sure to share them on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter, so others can enjoy them too! Picture Quotes >>

Love and Romance Top Tens:

Lists…we love them! Top ten lists are always great fun to read, and often come filled to the brim with thought-provoking ideas and inspiration.

Browse our top ten lists, and find a treasure-trove of useful information, from the top ten romantic flowers, to top ten romantic cities in the world. They’re interesting to read through, not to mention rather inspiring! Top 10 Ideas


If you’re feeling lost for words, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people, particularly those who are in love (and overwhelmed by their emotions) struggle to find the right words on the right occasion.

That’s why My Dear Valentine has gathered a huge collection of love-related quotes, with the sole intention of helping you to find inspiration and rediscover your romantic voice.

From quotes to say you’re sorry, to sentimental declarations of love, we’ve got the right expression for every occasion. Feel free to use them to get your relationship back on track, or to make your love even stronger. Best Quotes >>

Love and Romance Articles

My Dear Valentine really does understand that, as Shakespeare himself once said, ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’, and that, like every relationship, a successful love-match requires effort and work.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to start. Relationships can be so confusing, and without guidance, it’s easy to make mistakes.
  1. Relationships
  2. Weddings, marriage and honeymoons
  3. Flirting, dating and fun
  4. Making up, breaking up and divorce.
  5. Friendship
  6. Special occasions
  7. Gift ideas.
Whether you’re starting a relationship, still enjoying the fun of flirting, or about to get married, you’re sure to find all the advice you need, right here! Love Articles >>

Love Test:

Were you meant to be? Was it written in the stars? Or are you simply too different for it ever to work?

Our light-hearted test gives you an idea of how successful relationship will be, based on your names. Have fun trying it out with loved ones and with friends, but remember, it’s only for fun! Love Calculator >>

Love Letters and Poems:

Is there anything sweeter in life than receiving a love letter, or reading a tender poem that your partner has written for you?

Few moments come more magical than opening a letter filled with love, and it makes a perfect gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend to treasure forever. However, for some of us, pouring our hearts out on paper isn’t the easiest thing in the world, particularly if writing isn’t a strong point!

Have a read through our wonderful selection of love letters and beautifully written poetry, and discover inspiration to set your own creative voice free. Love Letters >> | Love Poems >>

Love SMS Messages:

Whether your partner is far away in another country or simply at work, leaving you pining for their presence, sending a quick romantic text message is the perfect way to remind them of your feelings. It’s quick, simple and guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

You can use our site to send your loved one a declaration of love, with just one click of a button! Simply browse our extensive collection of loving expressions and click on the ‘send email’ link, to send the message directly into their inbox.

It’s a wonderful way to touch their heart, regardless of time or distance; and a marvellous way to keep your love alive. Love SMS >>

Love and Romance Wallpapers:

Bring your computer screen to life and lend your laptop some serious love-vibes with one of our stunning love and romance wallpapers.

In our incredible selection, you can pick from:
  1. Valentines Day images
  2. Romance and love images
  3. Zodiac and Cupid images
  4. Ideas for love
Browse our extensive library of images, and feel free to send them to friends and family, as a beautiful present for them to enjoy. Love Pictures >>

Love Horoscopes:

Are you a sexy Scorpio, or a smouldering Sagittarius? Achingly attractive like an Aries, or ardently ambitious like an Aquarius? Regardless of your star sign, you can find out your weekly love horoscope, right here at My Dear Valentine.

Discover if you’ll be lucky in love this week, with up-to-date, zodiac readings, designed to give you astrological guidance in your love life.

Check out whether you both make the perfect match with our Love Compatibility checker, and find your ideal zodiac partner, with our helpful astro-love tools. Love Compatibility Test >>

Remember, it’s written in the stars…

Love Tips:

If you’re just looking to access some quick, easy tips on all things love-related, then this is the section to explore.

We’ve got all of the hottest love tips to hand in this section, including:
Love travel tips: From most romantic hotels to the finest cities in the world, you’ll find all the best travel tips right here.

Movies, novels and songs:Tips on songs to play to put you in the mood, to what movie to watch to create a romantic atmosphere.

Spells: Light-hearted, fun tips on how to create the right spell to bewitch, ensnare and create a magical sense of love and emotion!

Dating and flirting: The best tips for all aspects of fun flirtation and dating.

Relationships: Useful pointers for enjoying a perfect relationship. Love Ideas >>

Find Everything You Need (and More) to Enjoy Love and Life to the Full!
We like to think that, at My Dear Valentine, you’ll enjoy an experience quite unlike any other. You’ll find a remarkable supply of some of the hottest hints and tips on the internet, an amazing array of articles to access whenever you want, and a huge variety of other things to keep you interested, entertained and inspired.

So put your feet up, relax and spend some time exploring our site. Chances are, you’ll find the perfect information to enrich your love-life, not to mention some beautiful love images to share with friends and family, and some love-letters and poems to bring a tear to your eye.

We hope that you enjoy the My Dear Valentine experience! www.mydearvalentine.com