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Love horoscope for sun signs
New Moon opens the door to new relationships and a fresh start, with a reminder that the journey will go on. So don't let the opportunity go!
Its the time for new beginnings on the social front and the lines between the past and future are becoming blurred in the relationship zone. The door is open for second chances. Don let your love go!
Mars has come to a standstill in your relationship sector. You are in a timeless zone where the future and past no longer matter and it's all about today. So express your feelings to your loved one.
Both relationship and romantic forces are calling for your attention, but in totally different ways. Take a proactive approach to moving your relationships forward as you get on a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane.
Mercury, planet of communication has entered into your relationship zone, ensuring that as the tide turns you're emotionally and intuitively tuned in. This marks a turning point in the love relationships where the focus shifts to the future.
It has been a journey till now just to get to this point, but now it's time to draw a line in the sand as you begin a new phase in the journey. Love life will blossom.
Mercury turns direct in your romantic sector stirring up a mix of romantic sentiment and nostalgia while the doors are still open to the past relationships and second chances. Some good first impressions are expected.
The Moon aligns with the Sun in your relationship zone. Falling in the early days of a new romantic adventure this is a chance to draw a new line in the sand, committing to the journey ahead.
This is a chance to make a fresh start in your relationship. Don let past hold you back. Move on!
Its time to bury old ghosts and recapture anything lost. Venus, planet of love will help you move on. Move ahead and find your love.
Its time to give your heart, the past and unsaid words a voice. With the love gods giving your relationship very little support communication is vital to keeping your love relationship on track.
New Moon in your sign is a reminder that it is time to move on. For with Jupiter's direct turn next week will come a romantic turnaround and the start of the most romantically charged months of the year.
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